patersonWe are professional notary publics and signing agents headquartered in Totowa, NJ. We offer mobile notarizing of legal documents and we are also licensed title insurance agents…and we are bilingual.

Our name, Silk City Settlement & Services, is named after Totowa’s nearby city of Paterson, NJ. Paterson was once known as one of the largest and most productive industrial cities in the United States. It is home to some of the country’s oldest textile mills. Many of them were powered by the 77 foot high Great Falls of the Passaic. In the late 1800’s, silk was the dominant textile manufactured in Paterson, as the city entered its most prosperous period of industry and growth. The city soon came to be known as “Silk City.”

Yet that is not all Paterson is known for. A famous labor uprising in 1913, called the ‘Silk Strike,’ gave Paterson national attention (and was featured in the 1981 movie ‘Reds’). Laborers demanded an eight hour work day, safety in the workplace, child-labor laws and minimum wage pay. While more labor strikes happened in Paterson in later years, the ‘Silk Strike’ is one of the most significant labor strikes in history.

We are honored to name our company after such a proud, historically rich city, and the legacy of its factory workers that helped pave the way for our economy, and the internationally recognized, hard-working citizens of the United States.